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Removal of White or Brown spots from teeth.

Do you have discolored spots on your teeth? They are fairly common. For years we have struggled to find an easy, non invasive procedure to cover up the brown or white spots that are sometimes present on the teeth. These spots can be developmental, a result of too much fluoride in the diet during tooth development or could be a result of poor brushing when being treated with braces. Whatever the cause, many patients find them unattractive and want them removed.

Several months ago we were approached by the representative of a product called MI paste. It is a milk protein based product with calcium and phosphate. He claimed that by using their recommended protocol that we could remove white or brown stains from our patient’s teeth. Although, we have used this product in the past for other uses, we had not tried it in this application. We were very pleased to see the results. It was really cool!. I didn’t need to sand away part of the tooth and replace it with a filling, or a veneer, the spots just gradually disappear!… If you have a problem with discolored spots on your teeth, please come in and let one of our team members show you photos of a case we have completed using the MI paste.

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