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Implant-Supported Dentures

We understand that a confident smile isn’t just about teeth; it’s about reclaiming the joy, comfort, and assurance that comes with a vibrant and natural-looking smile. Imagine a life where you no longer worry about the discomfort, instability, or self-consciousness associated with traditional dentures. At Sheridan Dental, we’re not just offering implant-supported dentures in Grove City, OH; we’re inviting you to embrace a renewed sense of freedom and confidence in your daily interactions.

What are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures, a revolutionary restorative dentistry solution offered at Sheridan Dental, represent a transformative approach to restoring smiles and enhancing your well-being. Unlike traditional dentures that rely on adhesives and can often lead to discomfort, implant-supported dentures are anchored securely to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone.

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What are the Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures offer many benefits that extend far beyond traditional denture solutions. Some of these benefits include:

Enhanced Stability and Functionality: Implant-supported dentures provide unparalleled stability compared to traditional dentures. The implants serve as secure anchors, preventing slippage and allowing for confident eating, speaking, and smiling.

Preservation of Jawbone Density: Unlike traditional dentures that contribute to bone loss, implant-supported dentures stimulate the jawbone, preserving its density. This not only maintains facial structure but also contributes to long-term oral health.

Aesthetically Pleasing Results: Our emphasis on cosmetic dentistry ensures that implant-supported dentures restore functionality and provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Enjoy a confident smile that looks and feels like your own.

Improved Quality of Life: Implant-supported dentures offer a life-changing improvement in quality of life. Patients experience renewed confidence and well-being with enhanced stability, comfort, and aesthetics.

Comparing Implant Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Understanding the distinctions between implant-supported and traditional dentures is crucial for making informed decisions about oral health.


Stability and Comfort

Implant-supported dentures anchor securely to dental implants, eliminating the common issues of slippage and discomfort associated with traditional dentures.


Bone Health

Traditional dentures contribute to bone loss over time, leading to changes in facial structure. In contrast, implant-supported dentures preserve jawbone density, promoting long-term oral health.


Implant-supported dentures offer a more natural and aesthetic appearance, closely resembling natural teeth and enhancing facial aesthetics.



Traditional dentures require adhesives and occasional adjustments. Implant-supported dentures are securely anchored, eliminating the need for adhesives and providing greater convenience.


Cost Considerations

While the initial investment for implant-supported dentures may be higher, the long-term benefits often outweigh the cost of repeated adjustments and potential complications associated with traditional dentures.

Am I a Candidate for Denture Implants?

Ideal candidates for implant-supported dentures typically have good oral health. Characteristics of an ideal candidate include:


  • Sufficient jawbone density to support dental implants.
  • Good oral hygiene practices.


However, our commitment to comprehensive care extends to those needing additional preparation to become implant candidates. We offer bone grafts and sinus lifts for individuals with insufficient bone density, ensuring that more people who may not have qualified otherwise can enjoy the benefits of denture implants.

Advantages of Implant Dentures in Grove City

We redefine convenience by providing a significant competitive advantage – the ability to perform the entire implant procedure within our office. From the initial diagnosis through placing the implants to crafting and securing the denture, our patients experience a streamlined and integrated process. This ensures optimal communication and coordination among our skilled team, leading to precise and personalized results. 

Our CT Scanner allows us to determine the best implant placement accurately. Visualizing your jawbone in three dimensions ensures that we strategically position each implant for optimal stability and long-term success. We create surgical guides tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy to enhance precision. These guides serve as blueprints for the exact placement of each implant in the jaw. This approach minimizes the margin of error, leading to efficient and accurate implant placement, a critical factor for the success of the entire procedure.

Plus, we have the expertise to perform bone grafts if you lack the necessary bone density. This procedure enhances the foundation for implant placement, expanding the accessibility of implant-supported dentures to a broader range of individuals.

Implant-Supported Dentures in Grove City, OH

Your journey to confident smiles begins here, where every aspect of our care is designed to make you feel heard and valued. Sheridan Dental is your destination for transformative implant-supported dentures in Grove City, OH. 


Your smile deserves the best, and Dr. Raymond Sheridan and Dr. Corey Sheridan are here to make it happen. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover the life-changing benefits of implant-supported dentures.