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  A great part of my job as a dentist is the opportunities that I am presented with that make me so glad I chose this profession.  Many times the things that happen quite unexpectedly are the ones that provide the most satisfaction and enjoyment.

Today my team and I were able to care for two young ladies who do not have the same level of dentistry available to them as we have here in the United States. After a thorough examination and cleaning, our hygiene team taught them how to care for their teeth and gum tissues. I can safely say that in at least one of the cases the patient would not have a functioning set of teeth past the age of 40 without our teams help and patience. At the appointment’s end everyone was very thankful, our patients for the treatment received, and our team for the opportunity to meet these interesting and intelligent women from the other side of the world.

The gravity of this opportunity struck me after the two young ladies had left the office.  This day started out as routine as any other day, and yet by day’s end I feel we may have really impacted their health and lives.
When a stranger asks me what I do for a living, I answer “I like to think of myself as someone who changes people lives”. Of course I then need to explain myself and let them know that we can help give relief to people with severe chronic headaches, or treating sleep apnea so that a patient my add years to their life and improve their quality of life, or even provide a cosmetic makeover that can provide a better self image and more confidence. Well… today we were given the opportunity to do just that, “change lives”. My team is awesome and did a wonderful job helping these bright young ladies toward a long life with healthy teeth and gums.

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