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Porcelain fillings are a durable and natural looking restoration for a patient who suffers from tooth decay. These fillings are created from a specially-formulated porcelain composite material which can restore the look and function of your teeth. If you have tooth decay or want to replace old metal fillings, porcelain fillings may be ideal for your needs.

Porcelain fillings utilize an incredibly strong dental porcelain material that closely mimics many of the translucent properties of your natural teeth. As a result, no one will be able to notice your filling when you smile. Many people prefer the aesthetics of porcelain fillings to amalgam fillings, which mar your smile with unsightly blotches of metal.

All-porcelain fillings are the longest lasting dental filling material available. Unlike metal amalgam fillings, they do not expand and contract due to temperature changes. This reduces the risk of tooth fracture. Also, porcelain fillings preserve more of your natural tooth structure than metal amalgam fillings. As a result, they actually strengthen your teeth. If properly cared for, your porcelain fillings can last for many years, providing you with a highly durable and functional restoration.

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