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Upper Denture Before and After

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Before After Complete Upper Denture and Restoration of lower teeth

This before photo demonstrates a problem that happens frequently with patients that have an older upper denture. Over the years, the denture teeth gradually become worn down as a result of chewing and teeth grinding. Another common result of wearing dentures is the shrinking of the ridge or gums under the denture. In this case, the natural lower teeth also suffered serious wear from grinding against the upper denture. The combined result of tooth wear and the shrinking ridge was quite pronounced. The distance between the patient’s nose and chin is reduced and the face appears much older than it should. Wrinkles appear at the corners of the mouth and the skin and cheek muscles tend to sag. Our goal was to increase the distance between his nose and chin to where it was in his youth, give him new teeth that look brighter and natural, and to make sure his new smile looks and functions exceptionally well and is comfortable.


Using our computer’s EMG ( electromyograph ) we were able to determine an ideal position for his new teeth that looked great, restored his youthful smile, and guaranteed comfort for the jaw joint (TMJ) and the associated muscles. We made him a new upper denture and restored these lower teeth to a desirable length and color. He now looks great and is pain-free.