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Invisalign Severe Crowding Before and After

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Invisalign Severe Crowding

Here is a case with a more severe degree of crowding but only on the lower arch. Total time in Invisalign was about a year. An interesting characteristic about Invisalign is the pricing structure. Invisalign cost is based on a flat fee for the case and does not fluctuate with severity or amount of teeth needing to be straightened. This patient had to have a few aligners for the top as well, even though a majority of the movement took place on the lower teeth. This is always true. Any time any teeth are moved, the opposite arch always needs some degree of refinement to make the bite function properly.

Another benefit from the flat fee for Invisalign is realized when a case needs more time, correction, or further refinement. This is most evident in patients who are not compliant with wearing aligners which only prolong treatment. Invisalign is very flexible and forgiving!

Note: The things jutting from the teeth in the after photos are attachments and are always placed for Invisalign correction. These are simply glued to the front of the teeth and are easily and completely removed after Invisalign treatment. These photos were taken during the refinement period after the initial treatment. Notice the very slight rotation still present in one of the small teeth on the bottom which has now been corrected.