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Full-Mouth Before and After

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This patient was unhappy with her crowded front teeth, crossbite, and discolored teeth. We evaluated her crowding and crossbite and were able to correct these issues with all-porcelain crowns and replaced her stained crowns with whiter ceramic crowns. She loves her new, bright, and white smile!


When getting a crown, Dr. Sheridan will examine your teeth and develop a treatment plan. Your tooth will be prepared, and you will receive a temporary crown while your new permanent crown is being fabricated. At the follow-up appointment, your new crown will be seated and you will leave with a refreshed appearance and smile. Porcelain is the preferred material for crowns due to its sustainability and ability to blend in with natural teeth. Please keep in mind that porcelain crowns for cosmetic purposes are not covered by dental insurance; whereas crowns that are needed due to tooth decay and injury usually are partially covered. Our team will work with you to give you an estimate of costs and coordinate your dental benefits.