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Taking years off a smile using Modern Bonding Techniques

This handsome gentleman presented with the problem of a right front tooth that due to wear, was shorter than the other front tooth. He wanted to know the options for repairing his short front tooth and also to make his smile look as nice as the smiles in the many photos of our patients that hang in our office. After an evaluation, we suggested that he first whiten his teeth to remove the staining that had occurred over the years. After whitening, we recommending lengthening not only the short front tooth but also several of the front teeth that had been shortened over the years from chewing and grinding his teeth. We discussed our plan to use a cosmetic bonding technique that would allow us to lengthen his teeth. Our team would match the shade a color of the material to his newly whitened smile and seamless repair could then be accomplished. Our patient agreed and the process was begun. You can see the final results in the after photo.


The after photo shows the nice result that was obtained after teeth whitening and using cosmetic bonding techniques to restore his youthful smile. His new smile looks great and matches his energetic lifestyle.