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Your Path to a Beautiful Smile May Be Invisible Braces.

A great smile is about more than just a pretty face.  Did you know that smiling has health benefits, encourages others to trust you, and increases their perception of your confidence and attractiveness?

Let’s take a quick look at health benefits. Smiling lowers stress by releasing endorphins that counteract stress hormones. As your stress level drops, your heart rate lowers. Even your blood pressure drops. The endorphins are also one of your body’s natural pain killers. Now your whole day is looking better.

People looking at you react to that smile too. Smiles are contagious and encourage people around you to feel good. A person smiling seems more trustworthy and attractive than a person without a smile. This has some real effects in the business world too. A smile demonstrates confidence. Confidence at a job interview, absolutely. Your boss may tap you for ideas or advancement. Customers tip a smiling waiter or waitress more too.

Your smile is so important. What can you do if you don’t have that perfect smile? There are many choices in cosmetic dentistry to give you that confident smile. Invisible braces are one possibility. Invisible braces, or sometimes known as clear braces, take time to correct teeth alignment similar to traditional metal braces, but are in other ways quite different. Invisible braces are a series of plastic trays that, used in succession, correct your teeth’s alignment. They are not attached, so you remove them to eat and to brush your teeth. Nice, right? They are also nearly invisible when being worn. Invisible braces are a great choice for a person who wants to maintain a professional appearance while creating their beautiful smile. At Sheridan Dental (  we prefer to use Invisalign brand invisible braces because of the many treatment options the company makes available to us so we can be sure that each patient will get the best smile possible.  Invisalign allows dentists to treat adults, teens and the company also provides invisalign for seniors.   Invisalign also provides stellar support for dental professionals. We realize that each person’s needs and choices are different, so an evaluation helps us determine if invisible braces are the best choice for you to have a beautiful smile.

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