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Did you hear about the latest research in mouthwash? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Well I wouldn’t have heard either if it had not been for one of our hygienists. After years of telling anyone who would listen that Listerine is the only mouthwash that really kills germs and should be used in about every situation (including a fuel substitute for when you run out of gas on the freeway), I am finding out that opinions are changing.

The problem is the high alcohol content (26 %) in Listerine. We are learning that it dries out the tissues in the mouth and can actually slow healing of the gums. This especially applies to folks who have had gum surgery or implant surgery. Well….. If you are still with me here that means you are probably a bit compulsive about your teeth and gums, so I will tell you what we have found to be a better alternative. Alcohol-free mouthwash!. I know, that is kind of an obvious answer and a bit of an anti climax, but it makes sense. The brands that we recommend are Crest Pro Health, and Closys. The Closys might be a little harder to find, but the Crest Pro Health is everywhere.

The high alcohol content of Listerine is the reason you should never go to a dentist who rinses frequently, but never spits out the mouthwash!

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