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8 Reasons to Schedule Your Child’s Dental Check Up Before School Starts

The list of Back-to-School activities can be long and time consuming.  Shopping for school clothes and getting all of the necessary classroom supplies (paper, pencils, notebooks) are something that all parents and students think about.  Aren’t You Forgetting Something?????

Most children get medical check-ups before school starts.  Having a dental check up and cleaning is extremely important to the child’s overall health too.  Also, during the school year, all family members seem to have busier schedules.  Why not get your child’s teeth cleaned and checked by a dental professional before school starts:

1. Busy School Schedules

Who wants to miss a day of school?  Well, parents don’t want their child missing school and it can be difficult to make-up for material missed.  By getting the dental check up before starting back to school, issues can be solved and school will not be missed.

Check for any problems before the busy school year starts. Kids are so involved in school activities these days, that finding time for dental appointments can be challenging.  So many families don’t get time to sit down for an evening meal together because of sports, clubs and other after-school functions–when will they have time for a dental check-up?  Also, school can be very challenging and demanding.  Children should miss the least number of days as possible.  Schedule the dental check up before starting back to school to avoid absences.

2. Catch Problems Early

Catch any problems before they become real issues (for instance: cavities).  Does your child have sealants?  Sealants are plastic-like material that is painted on the molars and bicuspids.  This helps prevent cavities and is extremely important for school age children to have because they help prevent bacteria from settling in the crevices of the teeth. If they are complaining about sensitivity or toothaches, make note of these before an appointment. If they do not have an appointment within a few days, definitely call to make one.

3. Fresher Breath

Remove debris & start the school year off with a clean and healthy mouth.  By getting your child in for their dental check up, the dental professional can make sure there are no infections in the mouth.  Infection and bacteria can cause bad breath, and in older children, this can become a social issue.  No one wants bad breath.

4. Flouride

Make sure your child is up-to-date on fluoride treatments.  Fluoride makes teeth stronger, which in turn, helps fight tooth decay.  Some cities have added fluoride to the water supply but this may not be enough.  Also, many toothpastes have added fluoride, but the best way to see if your child is getting the fluoride protection needed, is to make that cleaning appointment and ask your dentist or hygienist.

5. Review Brushing and Flossing Techniques

Review proper techniques for brushing and flossing.  Back-to-school time is a time for learning and that means oral hygiene techniques too.  Children need to be reminded of the best way to brush and floss and the hygienist can show them the proper techniques.  The dental professional can also make recommendations on the best brush for the child — handheld, electric, soft bristle, etc.

6. Kindergarten Requirements

In many school districts, kindergarten students are required to have a dental check up before starting school.  The dentist has a special form to sign.  This is good practice for students of all ages.

7. Check for Tonsil Health

The dental check up is the perfect time to evaluate the child’s tonsils.  If tonsils are excessively large, they may interfere with the child’s sleep.  As every parent and teacher know, quality sleep is essential for good health and learning.  There are several benchmark studies that show that a large percentage of children that are being treated for ADHD are actually suffering from sleep deprivation.  The reason for the sleep deprivation is because the airway is obstructed by the large tonsils, resulting in poor quality of sleep.

8. A Goodie Bag of Fresh Items

Receive a new toothbrush, floss and toothpaste.  This is just always a fun thing for the kids—a little goodie bag.  Start the school year with fresh supplies.

We hope this gives you some valid reasons to get your child scheduled for their dental check up now.  We all like to start new ventures with a “clean slate”, so to speak.  Why not start the entire school year off with a clean mouth and a bright, shiny smile?


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