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“What! You have how many cavities?” Hey, mom and dad, instead of taking away your child’s soda privileges and putting a brushing chart on the fridge, you may instead soon be saying “Have you had your lollipop this morning”

Amazing as it may seem there are now lollipops available that reports say will help prevent tooth decay. Dr. Wenyuan Shi, Chairman of the Oral Biology department at UCLA College of dentistry was researching the effects of traditional Chinese herbs on the bacteria that cause tooth decay when his research led him to an amazing discovery. Licorice extract kills the bacteria that are the root cause of cavities. Better yet, Dr. Shi found that the licorice extract does not harm the beneficial bacteria in our mouths.

So how does it work? Easy, just dissolve one of the sugarless lollipops in your mouth after breakfast and another before bedtime. Do this each day for 10 days. Repeat this procedure every 3 months and, according to Dr. Shi’s research, you will be protecting yourself against tooth decay. The lollipops come in different flavors and are marketed under the name of ‘Dr. John’s Lollipops’. Oh, one other thing, don’t get impatient and chew your lolly, because it must be slowly dissolved to be helpful. So have a Lollipop and keep the dentist away!

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