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Invisalign Introduces “Express” Option

Invisalign is an innovative tooth-straightening option that has helped millions of adults and teens get straighter teeth without the discomfort or embarrassment of wire-bound braces. And it continues its drive to make tooth straightening more convenient–and quicker–for appropriate candidates by introducing an “express” option for Invisalign.

This new option allows candidates identified by their dentist with only mild crowding or spacing–common among people who had braces but did not use their retainer–to get results in as little as three months.

The new option also comes at a substantially reduced price as well, with average costs of about $1600 to $2300. The reduced cost and quick timeframe make Invisalign a more attractive option for many people who have thought that the time or expense was not worth it to correct their relatively minor crowding. Other than the reduced cost, number of aligners, and time frame, the new option is the same as other Invisalign treatments.

To learn whether you are a candidate for the new Invisalign “express” option, please contact Sheridan Dental in Columbus, Ohio.

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