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Invisalign® Health Benefits

There is a direct link between oral health and systemic health. This makes one of the largest Invisalign® health benefits the ability to properly clean your teeth. Because they can be removed, Invisalign® aligners will not interfere with proper brushing or flossing. Removed also while eating, no food particles will get lodged into your aligners, helping prevent tooth decay and gum disease which has been linked to systemic problems including a heart attack and stroke.

Removal for eating provides the additional benefit of not restricting your diet. Invisalign® aligners allow you to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet including fruits and vegetables that may be discouraged during traditional orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of a Proper Bite

In addition to the health benefits provided by good oral hygiene and an unrestricted diet, there are a number of benefits to having an aligned bite. A misaligned bite can be aesthetically unpleasing, but can also interfere with your ability to properly speak and chew. Additional concerns from a misaligned bite include uneven tooth wear, an increased risk for gum disease, and a higher risk for painful conditions such as TMJ.

During your initial consultation with Columbus, Ohio Invisalign® dentist Dr. Sheridan, how Invisalign® can benefit you will be discussed in full.

If you live in the areas of Columbus, Grove City, Dublin, Hilliard, or Circleville, Ohio and would like to learn more about the benefits of Invisalign®, please contact Sheridan Dental to schedule an initial consultation today.

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