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Give the gift of health… Sleep!

  In an effort to better diagnose and treat our patients who have sleep apnea or snoring we have been attending sleep symposiums, seminars and workshops. I am always amazed how poor sleep, or lack of sleep, for whatever reason, can affect overall health.

It seems like sacrificing sleep was always an easy way for me to find a few more hours in the day to get more accomplished. I now know that sleep deprivation, poor sleep, or sleep apnea can aggravate or be the direct cause of several serious conditions. For example, stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. Most of us already know how a bad night’s sleep can affect our mood, but chronic poor sleep has some other serious implications such as falling aspleep while operating a car. When a patient comes in for their routine cleaning and examination appointments we ask them to fill out a simple questionaire about their sleepiness,( or lack of sleepiness). From the responses on their quesitonaire we can, if necessary, guide them in a good direction toward improving their tiredness, and more importantly improving their overall health. The techinques used to improve sleep apnea and snoring are in most cases quite easy for the patient. If you are curious about whether you may or may not have sleep apnea, or if your spouse or partner have been complaining about your snoring please give me a call. I am not exaggerating when I say it can save your life. If you would like you can go online to our website to take the sleep surveys we have available. Just go to the sleep apnea section at

This year give a friend a potentially lifesaving Christmas gift. If they snore or are chronically tired ask them to go to our website and simply take the sleep surveys. It may help make them aware of a serious problem that is easily treated.

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