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Every once in a while we get a question from one of our patients that we like to share with you. A recent question was about when  should you change the brush head on the Sonicare toothbrush.  First of all I would like to say that we really like this brand of toothbrush..Our team of dental hygiene experts have noticed a remarkable difference in the oral hygiene of their patients who have switched from a manual brush to the Sonicare.  The Sonicare also has a built in timer that prompts you to move from one section of your mouth to another. This feature is great because it also reminds you to slow down and spend the appropriate amount of time brushing. ( you should spend about 2 minutes brushing your teeth.)

Well….back to the question of when to change the brush head.  It is recommended that you change the brush head about every three months.  But you may need to change it more frequently if you brush longer each time ( like I do ) or if you brush more than twice a day. The new brush heads have a cool feature that helps us to know when it is time to change.  There are blue bristles towards the top of the brush that will change to white when it is time to change heads.  Another thing to look at is the condition of the bristles.  If your bristles start to get flattened, like the photos above, with the black background, then it is time to retire those brush heads.  Actually the brush heads with the black background should have been thrown away long before they got into this condition. (I wouldn’t even use this beat up brush head to shine my shoes!)  You can also see in these photos that the color coded bristles have turned completely white indicating a change.

The brush shown above with the white background is a new brush and you can still see the blue colored bristles toward the tip of the brush.

If you have any questons about the Sonicare or would like to know where to purchase one please give our office a call. We also have replacement heads available.

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