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A Dentist for the Whole Family

When you are looking for a dentist, it is most convenient to find a professional that can take care of your needs as well as the oral health needs of your entire family. A family dentist can do just this. Family dentists are the first level of defense against dental issues, and they care for a wide variety of patients, from young children to senior citizens.

It is a family dentist’s job to remove plaque buildup around your teeth and keep tooth decay to a minimum. If you have plaque that has hardened and turned into tartar, your family dentist will remove that buildup so it does not lead to gum disease. If you do have gum disease, your family dentist can perform periodontal therapy to manage the condition. If any tooth decay is discovered, your family dentist will remove it and place a dental filling that will keep your tooth protected for years to come.

Ohio dentist Dr. Raymond Sheridan offers a variety of family dentistry services so that all of your loved ones can receive their dental care at one convenient location. Dr. Sheridan understands that different life stages are associated with different oral health issues, and he has a broad range of skills ideally suited to addressing the varied problems encountered by each member of your family.

Please contact Sheridan Dental today to schedule your initial appointment. We serve patients in Columbus and Grove City, Ohio.

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